What's Up with the Elephant?

With the birth of HEROLD WINES Mark needed a mascot that portrayed both himself and his wines. Something unexpected, unconventional and out of the box; anything less wouldn't communicate the spirit of the brand. Over drinks and a brainstorming session, acclaimed label artist and dear friend, Michael McDermott, asked Mark what his "spirit animal" was; something he identified with most. Being larger than life in both stature and personality, yet also an introspective gentle giant, Mark was decisive in choosing the elephant. To discover more about each of our logos, click on the icons below.


Mark's wines embody the spirit of the elephant - intelligently crafted, big/bold/full-bodied wines that command attention while possessing elegance, balance, longevity and approachability. In 2010 Mark made his first HEROLD Cabernet, garnering 97 pts. from critic, Robert Parker.

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