Grilled Proscuitto Wrapped Stuffed Figs

What I love about this simple recipe is that figs are in season and freshest this time of year.  When I'm out harvesting grapes the fig trees are laden and a basket or two finds it's way home fairly often.  We never get sick of eating these - wrap anything in good proscuitto right??!!  The recipe is easy to follow and quick to make so you can spend more time over a glass of wine with friends and family than slaving over the stove, and that's what it's all about in the end.  Enjoy!  

Pairs well with Herold Sauvignon Blanc

Proscuitto Wrapped Stuffed FigsIngredients

Fresh figs, prepare 3 to 4 figs per person (white or black - I like to mix it up if I can).
*Note: when choosing your figs you want them to barely bounce back when you squeeze them and for them to have a sweet, sticky aroma.
Chevre or any soft goat cheese of your choosing.
Proscuitto thinly sliced. Don't skimp here, buy the best you can find.
Toothpicks soaked in water about 20 minutes before prep then dried on a paper towel before using.

The quantity of the above depends on how large your party is. I factor about one fig to 1 tsp. of chevre and half of a generous, thin, slice of proscuitto.


Prepare your grill to medium-high temperature and grease with olive oil.

Gently wash and dry the figs. Slice an X in the bottom of the fig and gently create a central opening without compromising the fig.

Stuff with approximately 1 tsp. of goat cheese (more if space allows).

Wrap the stuffed fig in proscuitto, covering the exterior with some overlap.

Pin through the center with a toothpick, be sure to capture the overlap of proscuitto so it doesn't unravel on the grill.

Arrange all of your figs on the grill or grill pan. Turn the figs cooking all sides as the proscuitto browns and the sugar oozes and caramelizes the exterior.

Allow to cool slightly and serve warm.

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